Official Apology From Nintendo Regarding Switch Shortage

It’s a never-ending story, isn’t it? Well, maybe it wasn’t for the Wii U during much of its lifespan, but Nintendo fans are no strangers to shortages of Nintendo products, particularly consoles (and amiibo, but we’re not getting into that again).

The Nintendo Switch is the latest in the “hard to find” lineup, because unless you’re in the know in advance, or you’re at a store when they open their latest shipment, you’ll have an awfully hard time getting your hands on one. As soon as a Switch hits the shelf, it’s snatched up.

This is good, yes—it means people want the Switch and it’s selling well—but generating frustration among your consumer base isn’t exactly the kind of impression you want to make on new and long-term fans. It also makes it hard for people to impulse purchase your console when they get curious and want to know what the deal is.

Nintendo is aware of this issue, it seems, because Nintendo of Japan has posted an official website update where they apologize to consumers and distributors for the shortages since launch. They also reassure fans and prospective buyers that there are new Switch shipments being sent out every week, they’re constantly in production, and the company is planning to ramp up production in the coming months.

Thanks to Nintendo Everything for posting the translation on their site—do check them out and give them a comment or two while you’re there.


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