Happy Birthday, Sonic!

Yes, we’re celebrating the 26th birthday of the blue blur today on Nintendo Fire, basically because we can and it’s otherwise a slow news day. Look, at least we’re honest.

It was June 23rd, 1991, when SEGA responded to the popularity of Nintendo’s Super Mario games with the release of Sonic the Hedgehog. The game was more or less an instant hit, and zoomed onto the scene to establish an enduring franchise and what was, for a long while, a bitter rivalry with a certain plumber.

As readers know, that rivalry ended some time ago—particularly once SEGA got out of the console market—and since then the two have enjoyed each others’ company in a variety of games, including perhaps the best known arena for Sonic’s skills, the Smash Bros. roster.

The next two titles for Sonic are headed for the Nintendo Switch—Sonic Forces and Sonic Mania—so it looks like the ol’ hedgehog has plenty of life left in him yet.


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