$1.2 Billion Revenue for Pokémon GO

Since launch last year, Pokémon GO has had 752 million downloads worldwide. That’s… a lot of downloads. And if that number isn’t enough to make your head hurt, the app has also generated $1.2 billion in revenue since release, and while the numbers have certainly slowed as compared to last year ($950 million of that was in 2016 alone), there’s still money to be made.

A recent update to the game has also started to draw players back, with app intelligence startup Apptopia reporting 60 million player logins during June, with 20% of these players opening the game at least once per 24 hour period.

Apptopia has also reported that 57.4% of the player base is male, and 38% are millennials (aged 19 to 34), with only 32.5% of users coming in at 18 years old or younger.

And while the highest login period was last August, at 100 million monthly users, the amount of revenue the app has continued to pull even since the initial wave of Pokémon GO fervor is nothing to scoff at. The game isn’t dead yet, that’s for sure!


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