First Splatoon 2 Splatfest Happening… Next Weekend!

That’s right, squids! The first Splatfest of the new Splatoon 2, a game which doesn’t release until July 21st, is happening before the game’s official release! On  July 15th, from 3-7pm PST, you’ll be able to get your splat on with other squids around the world.

This Splatfest will be a rough and tumble grudge match to determine which is victorious: Cake or ice cream?

Either way, I think we’re all winners with this one.

The demo will be available to download and get set up for splatting as of tomorrow, so go on… make your choice. Is either one truly wrong?


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Faith likes games and books and cake and writing and Lara Croft, not necessarily in that order. She also thinks a Skylanders cartoon show is a really, REALLY good idea...

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