No More “Game Over” in Super Mario Odyssey

Get ready to game until your hands fall off! No, wait… we take that back. Bad advice. How about you just game as long as is reasonable? While playing Super Mario Odyssey, you can now do that instead of dealing with that frustrating “Game Over” screen. Ah, to have no consequences for your actions. Mario truly does live the life, doesn’t he?

According to Nintendo, even if Mario’s health drops to zero, the player will simply lose ten coins and then go on their merry way. Even if they don’t have ten coins to lose, Mario will still survive.

The “please enjoy exploring without worry!” message is a strong indicator of Nintendo’s intentions with this title—they want you to roam about and enjoy the world, rather than being stuck on progression and silly things like “success.” It’s also a step into a common feature for game these days which simply bump a player back to a previous save point instead of sending up a Game Over screen.

Will it be strange or wondrous to play a new Mario game without punishment for your inevitable failures? Only a few months left before we find out.


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