Latest Pokémon Film Says No Thanks to Franchise’s Most Famous Characters

The latest Pokémon film is heading to screens in the fairly near future, continuing the spate of random and arguably mediocre quality cinematic entries for this global phenomenon that is Pokémon. The latest film, bearing the subtitle “I Choose You!” is currently being hyped overseas in Japan.

The film will be retelling the story of the famous Indigo League series, which well-versed Pokéfans will recognize as the “where it all began…” point of the franchise in terms of its animated beginnings.

And while that’s all well and good for fans, there’s been one surprising and rather glaring omission in all the promo: two of the most famous characters, Brock and Misty, are absent. And when one visits the website for the movie, an image shows Ash alongside two new companions named Souji and Makoto.

While this does seem odd, reports are coming in on various sites that those who’ve already watched the movie on Japanese screens say these two characters do appear for a brief spate in the end credits. But nowhere else…despite being seriously major players in the franchise as a whole.

What does this mean? How will fans react? We’ll find out soon enough.


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