The Return of Noah’s Ark… Maybe

You may or may not recall the early days of Game Boy Advance, NES, and Sega Genesis, when everybody and their mother was scrambling to get their hackneyed game concept in front if childrens’ eyes. Whether to sell toys or morality, these were the days of tedious platformers that mimicked the masters.

And few of these were more infamous than the Noah’s Ark series of games, which you probably thought you’d left behind. Forever.

You’d be wrong.

Wisdom Tree is attempting to revive these ancient pieces of history via a Kickstarter, and there are three different carts you can find: Wisdom Tree Game Collection (GBA), Noah’s Art (NES), and Super 3D Noah’s Ark (SEGA Genesis).

If they can raise $30,000, these three titles just might rise up once again in a miracle of Lazarus-esque proportions. As of writing, they’ve already managed to raise the amount needed for The Arkade – a Classic Christian Video Game Plug and Play, so… don’t count Noah out yet.


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