The Mystery of Woolley Mountain Mysteriously Arriving in 2018

We always love to hear about successful Kickstarter campaigns that have worked out in both the creator’s and the backers’ favor. For solo developer James Lightfoot, who ran a campaign for The Mystery of Woolley Mountain, his funded project attracted enough attention to ensure he’ll see this kind of success—because his crowdfunding caught the eye of Huey Games, who will now publish his title.

Huey Games currently has a hand in Hyper Sentinel’s release, and having that partnership in place means that Lightfoot has been able to confirm that The Mystery of Woolley Mountain will be released on the Nintendo Switch in 2018.

It’s being touted as a point-and-click adventure with a quirky cast of characters, harkening back to the LucasArts era of strange but endearing storytelling.


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