The Console Wars Are BACK! Well, Sort Of.

Anyone who lived through the early days of Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog will recall the console wars of Nintendo versus SEGA, and it now appears that a producer known as AtGames is looking to revive the console wars, at least in some small way.

With the upcoming SNES Mini, AtGames must have thought it could get its foot in the door and has confirmed pricing and release dates for its SEGA Genesis Clone Systems… which are all dropping before Nintendo’s inevitably impossible to come by mini release.

The SEGA Genesis Flashback will release on September 22nd and retail for $79.99USD, with 85 games, original cartridge support, wireless controllers and 720p HDMI output. For real. This is the one you want, if you’re considering one of these clones.

If that doesn’t do it for you, you could also go for the Classic Game Console which releases on September 1st, retailing for $59.99USD with 81 pre-installed games, two wired controllers, and ports for legacy pads. Or you could try the Ultimate Portable Game Player, same release date and cost, with 85 games, an SD card slot (for more games!), a “high resolution 2.8” display” and can be plugged into your TV for large-screen play.



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