Star Fox 2’s Digital Manual Free for Download

Surprise! MORE STAR FOX! For real though, Nintendo has been shocking everyone with the slew of Star Fox releases they’re unexpectedly offering up, including the Star Fox 2 bundled with the SNES Classic Mini… literally 22 years after the game’s cancellation and, alongside it, Nintendo’s uploading of the digital manual for the game with information on the story and characters, as well as original design documents. The latter are the coolest of all, and a very kind gesture from Nintendo to offer to fans of the series.

You can get the digital manual here, which is divided into two PDF files. You’ll get to look at concept art for ships, as well as a game instruction draft of the completed manual, map layouts, and designs for where the hidden medals should go. With the SNES Classic Mini hitting store shelves on September 29th, this is sure to renew the love of the franchise with long-time Nintendo fans.


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