‘Super Mario 64 Online’ Released—Nintendo Strike Imminent

This fan-made game will probably not be around for long—Nintendo’s legal team is always on the prowl and strikes hard when it comes to their IPs—but if you get a chance, check out Super Mario 64 Online. It’s a fan release by Kaze Emanuar, and we’ll link the trailer below.

The impressive thing about this fan release is that—unlike the DS version of Super Mario 64 that capped at four players in Battle Mode—this Windows PC version makes the entire game world free for up to 24 players. Yes, you read that right! 24 people on the same map in a Nintendo game! Now that’s what we call multiplayer!

You can see the download links in the trailer description (click through to watch it on YouTube), but we don’t imagine they’ll be there for long. Maybe Nintendo will get the hint and try something similar on their own?

(…we doubt it.)


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