Nintendo Switch Online Service in September

We’ve all been waiting some time to hear more about the Nintendo Switch Online service, and the news has just come down the pipeline—it’ll launch in September 2018, at an annual cost of $19.99USD or a monthly fee of $3.99USD (or 3-month option at $7.99).

The Online service will give players access to a Classic Game Selection that includes titles like Dr. Mario and Super Mario Bros.3, though the full lineup has yet to be confirmed—and presumably we’ll have more details much closer to launch.

The Nintendo Switch Online app will function as a companion to the regular service, where players can use voice chat (where supported) and offer SplatNet 2 support for Splatoon 2.

Although this isn’t a ton of detail yet, we’re certainly impressed by the affordability. We’re looking forward to hearing more as we march closer to launch.


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