Super Mario World in UNDER A MINUTE (Speed Run)

Speedrunning has received praise and criticism in equal measure, but the amount of dedication and effort put into studying a game in precise detail and then perfectly executing a sequence of movements is undeniably impressive.

While there are plenty of speedruns available to watch online for many different games, one of the more recent impressive runs making the rounds comes from player SethBling. He has taken on Super Mario World and cleared the game—the entire game—in less than 60 seconds.

He uses an intriguing method to do so that’s somewhat unconventional, which is explained in the linked video. It has to do with multiple controllers and pressed buttons, running different code commands within the game, to… okay, well, we’ll let the video explain it better than we can.

And in the true spirit of community, if you watch and are intrigued enough to want to try his method, SethBling has put together an instructional document to help you out here


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