Sonic Movie Rolls into Theatres in 2019

It was announced a long time ago that SEGA was working on a live-action, big-budget Sonic the Hedgehog movie… and at the time of the announcement, it seemed to be a reactionary move in response to the video game films popping up on the screen. But that was a while ago… a few years ago, in fact.

Evidently the Sonic movie has not stalled and is still in progress, currently being handled by Paramount—and now we have a release date.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Sonic movie (official title still to come) will hit theatres on November 15th, 2019. The EP on the project is Tim Miller, known for his work on Deadpool, with Jeff Fowler directing.

With a strong set of talent behind the camera, will this movie actually turn out to be half decent after all? Will CGI and live-action blend the way they hope it will? We’re skeptical, but in the end, all we want is a really cool action sequence of Sonic rolling around in the real world. Fingers crossed!


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