Bleed 2 Hits Switch in March

The library of awesome indie titles just continues to grow on the Nintendo Switch, and one of these titles is the well known and well-received Bleed—a game developed by a single man, working hard to create games that are fun and challenging. If you’re unfamiliar, Bleed is a run & gun type of game, very fast paced with non-stop action.

So it’s great news that Bleed 2, the sequel, will find its way onto the Switch as well on March 8th! The listing is live in the eShop, and we’re pretty stoked about it—our team played an early version of Bleed 2 at PAX East some time ago (at least we think it was PAX East? It was one of the PAX weekends, it was a long while ago) and found it thoroughly enjoyable.

If you haven’t played the first game, you still have time to check it out before the sequel hits the shop! Take a look at the trailer in the meantime to see if it’s up your alley.


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