Thursday: PAX East 2018: Panels of Interest

Nintendo is attending PAX events in full force these days, and the crowds are going wild! Er, so to speak. Either way, there are definitely more Nintendo-themed panels to look forward to, so each morning we’ll be highlighting some Nintendo-themed panels on the schedule that we think will be of specific interest to our readership.

We may choose to mention them here based on these criteria: Content, presenters, or general thematic ties with Nintendo as a brand.

Please remember that all panels highlighted in these daily posts are entirely subjective, and we encourage you to flip through the program on your own! However, maybe us pointing certain things out here will help to narrow down your choices or highlight panels and events that you might otherwise not have noticed.


  • Is That a World in Your Pocket? @ 12:30pm – 1:30pm (Cuttlefish Theatre)

Augmented Reality (AR) has grown over the last year and is now included in iOS, Android, and in new Mixed Reality headsets. Games like Pokemon Go have shown the world that this type of game is viable market. More game companies are looking at AR as a requirement for new hires. We will be reviewing what AR options there are today for people to use to get started and talk about some of the things that are different with AR games compared to traditional ones.


Steve Maier [Lecturer, Rochester Institute of Technology], John Miller [Student, Rochester Institute of Technology], Jeanette Forbes [Student / TA, Rochester Institute of Technology], Matt Schweigardt [Student / TA, Rochester Institute of Technology], Raymond Stempel [Student, Rochester Institute of Technology]


  • Creators’ Secrets in Games, or How to Unlock Ermac in Super Mario 2 Using the Sega 32X @ 1:30-2:30pm (Dragonfly Theatre)

From complex ARGs, to the Konami code, games have been filled with mysterious secrets throughout the years. We have brought together an incredible panel of devs, writers, producers and creators who will be sharing never-before-known secrets in games that only the creators would know. These secrets hidden deep in the code that will change the way you think about video games forever. Or maybe they will be just entertaining… either way you’ll be glad you came.


@SodaDrinkerPro [Creator, Soda Drinker Pro], Eric [Co-Founder of VirZoom, Former CTO of Harmonix], @NonTrotski [Writer, Destructoid], Carl W. Adams [Snowrunner], Ichiro Lambe [Dejobaan Games]


  • Can Fan Fiction Teach Us About the Official Zelda Timeline? @ 2:00pm-3:00pm (Albatross Theatre)

Breath of the WIld revitalized interest in the convoluted timeline of the Zelda universe. How are the Zelda games’ stories interrelated? In this panel, With a Terrible Fate’s game analysts present a radical idea: we can create fan fiction that teaches us new things about the “official” Zelda timeline. They’ll use fan fiction to answer the question: what happened to Link between Majora’s Mask and Twilight Princess? Join us in a free-wheeling discussion of the rare analytical value of fan fiction.


Aaron Suduiko [Founder; Chief Video Game Analyst,], Jaron R. M. Johnson [Video Game Analyst,], CJ Thomas [Video Game Analyst,]


  • Breath of the Wild and the Future of the Zelda Series @ 6:00pm-7:00pm (Condor Theatre)

The critically acclaimed Breath of the Wild was a big change in direction for the Zelda series, returning it to its roots of exploration. Join the Zelda Universe staff as we discuss the game, how it’s been a breath of fresh air for the series, and how Zelda could evolve from its wild success. Bring your Breath of the Wild knowledge as well because we’ll have a few special giveaways. Note that we will be discussing the game in detail, so SPOILERS may abound.


Alex Rosenberg [Media Director, Zelda Universe], Andrew Fick [Guides Director, Zelda Universe], Brandon Acosta [Voice Actor, Zelda Universe], Josh Jepson [Content Creator, Josh Jepson], Jirard Khalil [The Completionist, That One Video Gamer]


  • Double NintenDare! @ 8:30pm-10:00pm (Bumblebee Theatre)

On your mark… get set… GO! Double NintenDare is a Nintendo-themed throwback to the classic kids gameshow of a similar name. Put your knowledge and skill of classic and current Nintendo games to the test, by answering tricky trivia questions, or taking on our special “Digital Challenges”, and finishing the dreaded Mario Maker Obstacle Course! Each player will receive fabulous prizes whether you win or lose, and we’ll take you back in time with classic 90s commercials in between rounds.


Curtis Bonds [Host, CurtDogg Gaming], Cammiluna [Tech, CurtDogg Gaming], Zack Kaplan [Tech, CurtDogg Gaming], Taylor Owen [Camera Operator, CurtDogg Gaming]





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