New Fighter, Speed Brawl Coming to Switch

Speed Brawl is almost here, and the first gameplay trailer has been released by Kongregate—hold onto your chair arms, folks, this is going to be intense!

The game is “fast and hard-hitting” with the combat gameplay, requiring players to maintain momentum to really do some damage. The greater players build and keep momentum, the more energy can be used on special power moves that are both fluid and devastating.

Here’s the full feature list:

– Razor sharp visuals and beautifully animated characters.
– Over 50 unique action-packed championships and challenges.
– Build a tag-team from 6 vibrant brawlers each with unique play style and distinct personalities.
– An imaginative and humorous story throughout will reveal high drama and even higher stakes for each brawler!
– Suit up! – Devise your brawler’s optimal loadout. Buy, win, and sell equipment to fashion the ultimate fighters.
– Invest in skill upgrades for heavier hits and flashier style.
– A fluid and deep combat system. Speed Brawl’s freeform combos let you chain together ground and air combos, special moves, assists, and tag attacks for ultimate devastation.
– Move on up to the big leagues! Conquer escalating hazards and devious bosses in the – Threepenny, Sixpence, Florin, and Crown leagues. Each league is run by a unique and diabolical league owner with their own plans to halt your Speed Brawl career.
– Gotta go fast! – The faster you are, the harder your hit. Go for gold and blast through to the finish line.
– Brawl solo or brawl with a friend – Online and local co-operative play throughout!

Speed Brawl releases this September! Keep an eye out for more details as they arrive!


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