Latest SNK Heroines Story Trailer Reveals Plot (and Skin)

Anyone taking a cursory glance at the artwork for SNK Heroines knows that the game isn’t exactly subtle about its suggestive theming… and a new trailer that has dropped for SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy doesn’t discourage this in any way.

According to the game’s story, a few months after The King of Fighters Tournament, the all-female fighting cast was kidnapped by a mysterious baddie (don’t think about that one too hard). They then wake up inside a mansion and are forced to battle each other to reach freedom. Of course their battles are being observed by this mysterious culprit the whole time.

Never mind the idea that a host of insanely competent fighters has been kidnapped (like I said, don’t think about it too hard), the fact remains that the SNK franchise has its devotees, and the games are fairly competent fighting titles. We didn’t love it when we demoed the game at PAX East this year, but hey, everyone has their preferences when it comes to fighting games.

According to the trailer and info, the heroine cast will be customizable (accessories, costumes and voices) and players will be able to take screenshot “snaps” of the characters in a photo shoot mode.

Make of that what you will.


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