Treasurenauts for 3DS Cancelled

It’s been approximately 84 years since we learned about the game Treasurenauts from developer Jools Watsham… it went from 3DS to plans for being on 3DS and Switch, to being cancelled and brought back and companies going under and beginning anew… honestly, it’s been hard to keep up, and now there’s yet another twist in the game.

If you’re a 3DS owner who has been looking forward to this title, we’re sorry. In his latest Atooi video update, Watsham let us all know that development on the 3DS version has officially been cancelled due to the shrinking 3DS market and lack of support on that platform.

Obviously, small companies have to place their efforts where the reward will be greatest—and at least the game hasn’t been cancelled entirely. Watsham confirmed that the team is indeed still working on the game, as well as a new 3D Unity title.

So, there’s that.


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