More SteamWorld Games Heading Our Way

Fans of SteamWorld Dig will be happy to hear (and maybe a bit relieved) that more games in the SteamWorld series are coming in the future from Image & Form.

The developer posted a tweet today designed to reassure fans of the games that the team hasn’t given up on SteamWorld, there’s more on the way, but patience is requested.

While the news was officially announced a few months back in a YouTube video from the developer, not everyone might have seen that, and nothing was mentioned in the period since that video went live. The social media post has served to reinforce that Image & Form are, in fact, working on follow-ups to games like SteamWorld Heist and SteamWorld Dig 2 (both which have come to the Switch)—which makes us think we’ll likely see more from this team on Nintendo’s consoles in the future.


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