Copyright Infringement Strikes Down One Strike With One… Strike

Turns out the fighting game One Strike, an eShop entry on Nintendo Switch, has been removed from the console’s store in Japan, with the same fate about to be handed down internationally. The publisher of the title requested the game’s removal due to a music copyright issue that QubicGames only became aware of after release.

According to QubicGames, “the developer of the game [Retro Reactor] paid a composer for the music. Both the developer and we, the publisher, were convinced that this track is an original work.” With the game unavailable for the time being, they’re “preparing and releasing a new version of the game with another track as soon as possible.”

The music was apparently plagiarized from the Famicom game Mouryou Senki MADARA—and if you listen to the two pieces, it’s… well, it sounds like the composer didn’t even try to hide the plagiarism, he just sent them… the original song. Huh. Interesting.

To hear both pieces side-by-side, head over to Japanese Nintendo who first posted translations for the situation; they’ve got two videos up so you can directly compare the two soundtracks!


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