Possible Revival for Cancelled Level-5 Game?

The name Level-5 is deeply familiar to most Nintendo fans, even if they don’t necessarily play the titles released by the Japan-based publisher and developer—though there are so many well-known titles on their roster, we suspect most avid Nintendo gamers have at least tried a demo from beloved series like Yo-Kai Watch, Professor Layton, or Inazuma Eleven.

And now that Level-5 is celebrating its 20th anniversary in the industry, an upcoming interview in the weekly Japanese publication Famitsu may reveal a revival for a formerly cancelled game. Famitsu has been releasing teaser info about an interview in its October 25th issue with Level-5 President Akihiro Hino that could have information on “a possible revival for a cancelled title.”

That doesn’t mean a Nintendo title, but considering how Level-5 and Nintendo have come together in the past, it’s certainly plausible. In fact, Yo-Kai Watch 4 is coming to Switch next year, so… you never know.


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