“An Extraordinarily Deep Rage Game” Coming Next Month

In a few weeks, Rage in Peace arrives on the Switch. It’s an action-adventure game that’s been described as “an extraordinarily deep rage game” that will make you want to throw your console across the room as you descend into existential crisis with each failure.

So, uh, if that’s your jam, read on.

Players control 27-year-old Timmy Malinu who discovers he’ll die via decapitation on the day the game opens. He receives no additional details on the matter, though the news-delivering grim reaper does throw Timmy a bone (we’re hilarious, we know) by offering to help him cheat death. Timmy’s only dream is apparently dying peacefully in his PJs… but it turns out cheating death isn’t exactly easy.

Traps, obstacles, and a whole lot of memorization are headed your way with this title. If you love being immensely frustrated in order to feel a sense of accomplishment when playing games, check this one out. It arrives on November 8th.


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