Mobile Debut of Mario Kart Tour (Still) Coming Soon

Although there’s been very little—some would say zero—information about Mario Kart Tour since its announcement some time ago, Nintendo has reconfirmed in its latest financial briefing that the game is still being developed, is definitely on track, and will be arriving before end of the March 2019.

Some might recall that Nintendo of America President & COO Reggie Fils-Aime spoke about the title around E3, letting us know that Nintendo would reveal more about the game closer to launch. Well, we’re still a while out from launch, which explains why we don’t have any more details—but at least we know it’s still happening!

From the briefing:

We also plan to start a service for Mario Kart Tour, a Mario Kart application for smart devices, sometime during the current fiscal year in March 2019. With titles like these we intend to continue to expand our smart-device business and make it a pillar of revenue for Nintendo.”

Patience, friends!


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