Deck Your Halls With Super Mario

Tired of traditional holiday décor? Do you find tinsel and branches and gold ribbons just too… normal for your taste? Well, ThinkGeek and GameStop have you covered for Christmas 2018. Now available through these exclusive suppliers is a Super Mario themed LED wreath.

Made with EVA foam and pleasantly blinking green LEDs, you can feel like you’re spending the holidays in the Mushroom Kingdom without ever leaving the comfort of your own home! The wreath is fully decked out in Super Mario coins, mushrooms, various power-up items and other familiar elements.

The wreath does require two AA batteries (sold separately, of course), can be turned off when not in use, and has its own keyhole slot on the back for convenient and easy hanging. It’ll only set you back $19.99USD, which we’re actually pretty okay with.

How will you celebrate the spirit of Mario—uh, we mean Christmas—this year?

Click Here to check it out.


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