Fight off Dastardly Mootants in 2019

Because everything is better in space, indie developer Happy Corruption has announced that the upcoming twin-stick shooter Space Cows will be heading to the Nintendo Switch!

Players will take on the role of a friendly farmer who lives a peaceful life on his farm with his bestest cow friend Betsy. Unfortunately for Betsy, alien abductors take an interest in her bovine potential and whisk her off to an infected milk station. Naturally, you must quest to rescue Betsy and other cows, fighting off “mootants” with a… let me get this right… “laser-scoped toilet plunger.”


Welp, if you’re into the notion of battling it out toward an “epic endgame boss to rescue your beloved cow,” then your time has come. Everything you’ve ever wanted in a game is right here.


– Whack some mootants with a toilet plunger!
– Wibble wobble in zero gravity.
– Clash with champions – bigger, smarter, deadlier!
– Look for and save cows by mastering minigames.
– Overrun by swarm?! Dash your way out or unleash bullet-hell of Fire Plungers!
– Catch a breath while collecting milk and avoiding obstacles.
– For precise hits use SlowMootion!
– Enjoy obligatory vehicle and stealth sequences
– Use the environment – lure or smack enemies onto deadly hazards!
– Push and pull objects out of your way
– Battle Epic Endgame Boss to rescue your beloved cow

When a firm release date is set for Space Cows, better believe we’ll let you know about it.


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