Away: Journey to the Unexpected Arriving on February 7th

The news is in! We’ve just received word that indie developer Aurelien Regard’s feel-good adventure title Away: Journey to the Unexpected will be arriving on the Switch on February 7th. Published by Playdius, this is a game that’s been anticipated since the Switch was announced, and which we’ve given a few impressions of in our PAX coverage these past few years.

The remarkable thing about this title is that players enter an RPG-esque game with an anime feel as a hero with no real fighting abilities—rather, your skill is making friends. For real! You spend this “feel-good first person adventure” meeting others, negotiating, recruiting, exploring, and getting your new friends to fight off enemies for you.

Each time we’ve demo-ed the game, we’ve noticed significant improvements, so we suspect this will be quite the enjoyable experience by the time next February rolls around.


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