Bleep Bloop, a Co-Op Puzzler, Comes to Switch

A new co-op puzzle game titled Bleep Bloop is heading to the Nintendo Switch on January 31st.

The characters Bleep and Bloop help each other to overcome the puzzles that challenge their progress through each level, with much sliding and pushing of each other to make it through the mazes. It’s described as a “light-hearted and playful puzzle game about working together”, though the game can be played solo (controlling both characters) or as a co-op title with a friend.

According to publisher Zerouno Games, the game is easy enough to learn, but challenging enough to keep players interested as they progress. They’re touting a soundtrack that won’t get annoying if you’re stuck in a level for a while trying to figure things out, and a small hidden secret “somewhere.”

They also offer the advice that “yelling at each other doesn’t improve your puzzle-solving skills, but it’s always fun.” Ah, how right you are, Zerouno Games!

A price hasn’t yet been revealed, but we should know all soon enough.


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