PAX East 2019: Box Boy + Box Girl – First Impressions

It’s time for Box Boy to hop onto the Switch! After three outings on the 3DS, it was inevitable that we’d see another Box Boy title on Nintendo’s newest platform, and on April 26th, Qbby will arrive—with a friend!

Like the previous Box Boy titles, there’s near endless puzzle platforming to be enjoyed, with players making their way through over 200 levels either solo or cooperatively. Team up with a friend to bring Box Girl Qucy to life and use teamwork on specific co-op levels (the levels are divided into solo or co-op).

As before, players use Qbby’s (and Qucy’s) ability to create boxes in order to navigate the environment—avoiding spike pits, scale ledges, and so forth. There’s also a new spring mechanic that can launch Qbby higher, giving greater depth to the puzzling (pun intended). Like one would expect from a Box Boy game, the puzzles are clever and the solutions even more so.

The demo environment at PAX East only provided a brief taste of what was on offer, so it’s imaginable that there will be plenty of surprises that previews won’t cover. It’s hard to say if this will be better or on par with previous titles, since there wasn’t a whole lot to see—but if you enjoy puzzle games, or are a fan of this series in particular, it’s worth checking out when Boy Box + Box Girl drops on April 26.


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