PAX East 2019: Space Cows – First Impressions

Some games are made to be serious, deep dives into the human psyche. Some games star a naked man wearing a space helmet, farting through zero-G as he saves cows at a milk factory in space.

We’ll let you decide if those are one and the same.

Space Cows, however, is indeed the latter, and we’re not exaggerating when we say it’s sure to blow you away (maybe plug your nose first).

Essentially, Space Cows is Mega Man but with flatulence. And cows.

Listen, we’re trying, here.

Avoid danger and defeat “mootant” enemies with the power of wind (and your trusty plunger), play “udderly” ridiculous mini-games for bonuses, cringe at the outrageous sound effects, activate slow-mo enraged mode to get a precise aim on attackers, use your butt breeze to boost through enemies as they close in.

Guys, it’s a twin-stick shooter, there are cows and farts. If that doesn’t do it for you, nothing we say will.

Space Cows is coming to consoles sometime in 2019, after its release on Steam in Q2.


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