PAX East 2019: Songbird Symphony – First Impressions

In development since 2017, Songbird Symphony is finally here! Well, almost. This rhythm/adventure game is both cute and challenging, requiring players to hone their musical skills in order to keep beat with their cheeping peeps.

The levels are adorable and clever, using tonality and the environment to platform through the world. You might pull a lever to feed hungry squirrels, or help a bee find some flowers. The music is light and pleasant, matching the ambiance of the level, but the true test of skill comes in the form of the boss challenges.

The boss in the demo is an owl—a natural predator for many small birds, to be sure—who’ll sing a deadly song at your little bird avatar. You’ll need to counter his musical attacks with your rhythm skills… and it’s definitely not as easy as it sounds.

The game lets you think you’ve got it, but the curveballs actually come rather quickly. Hold mechanics, new buttons, syncopated musicality… honestly, it took a few tries to get this one right. In a cute, harmless-looking music game!

It’s more challenging than it looks, and it looks great. The music is enjoyable, the artwork adorable, and the game itself a whole lot of fun. You can also have your character chirp along to the music as you go, so you’re not restricted to making music only during specific events or battles—which is also a nice little touch.

No specific release date yet, but Songbird Symphony is set to release sometime this year.


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