PAX East 2019: Panels of Interest (Sunday)

Welcome to day three! Are your legs getting tired? Need a break or a breather from the crowds? There are just a few panels we’ve highlighted below that we think might be of interest to Nintendo fans. Remember that all our suggestions are subjective, so do flip through the program on your own for more information or to see what else is on offer.

At the very least, we hope our suggestions may help to narrow down your choices for the day ahead, or perhaps spark an interest in something else you might not have otherwise noticed!


Monster Hunter: Building a Community – 12:00pm-1:00pm (Arachnid Theatre)

One of Japan’s best selling franchises and growing in popularity here in the west; it’s quickly changing the social sphere within gaming. Join MHNYC as they discuss what Monster Hunter gets right and how to cultivate those ideas to create a unique community in your area. Introducing popular Monster Hunter streamers, we’ll discuss how to network within the industry, gain traction and ways to utilize these resources. Get the latest Monster Hunter news while you’re at it. Come and join the hunt!

Panelists Include: Mary Rosado [Lead Administrator, Monster Hunter NYC], Representative [Twitch Streamer, Twitch Streamer], Jerry Vento [Administrator, Monster Hunter NYC], Hernyyyy [Content Creator, Twitch Streamer], HotSammySliz [Twitch Streamer, Twitch Streamer], Salty Steve [Twitch Streamer, Twitch Streamer]


18 Years of Animal Crossing: A Look Back – 2:00pm-3:00pm (Albatross Theatre)

A panel of Nintendo experts from Nintendo World Report look back on nearly 20 years of Animal Crossing, covering its up and downs and effect on Nintendo and the games industry. We’ll cover everything from the early days on the Nintendo 64 and GameCube to the more recent entries on Wii U and 3DS. And don’t worry: we will needlessly speculate and review our hopes and dreams for the 2019 release of Animal Crossing on Switch.

Panelists Include: Neal Ronaghan [Blathers Museum Curator, Nintendo World Report], Alex Culafi [KK Slider’s #1 Fan, Nintendo World Report], John Rairdin [Tom Nook Apologist, Nintendo World Report]




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