Three New Collections for Retro Handheld Evercade

The Evercade, an upcoming handheld console that connects to your television and plays retro games collections—which are available on cartridges—has just announced three new collections of retro games that may be of special interest to Nintendo fans.

Namco Collection 1, labeled “Namco Museum”, offers up some big nostalgia bombs in the form of Pac Man and Galaxian.

Interplay’s presence on the console has already been announced, but this new collection (“Collection 2”) includes the much beloved Earthworm Jim 2, among other titles.

The third is another Atari collection, this time including games from the 7800 like Centipede, Desert Falcon, and Asteroids.

All three collections will run you $19.99USD, though there is rumored to be a 3-cartridge bundle coming when the system launches.


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