Previously Unseen EarthBound 64 Footage Discovered

Those familiar with Nintendo history and lore will already be very familiar with EarthBound 64, also known as Mother 3—a Nintendo 64 game that never released, but which has been the subject of rumors, speculations, and wistful “what ifs” in the decades since.

The project began as an intended SNES release, before being moved to the N64, but was finally cancelled in August 2000. It did eventually release on the GBA in 2006, in a certain form, but EarthBound 64 is still “the game we never got to play” to many Nintendo fans.

And apparently, new footage has come to light online, showing off a few seconds of the game during its time on display at Space World in 1996.

YouTube channel kukun kun revealed this footage; it’s worth noting that the channel has previously posted other classic video game clips, so there is precedent for this type of reveal. Check it out:

It’s fast, but you’ll see what seems to be Ness traveling through a forest landscape, a band playing in a bar, and the crew racing through a desert landscape.

Despite all we’ve heard about this game, and Miyamoto once claiming that about 60% of the game’s development processes and assets had been completed, the entire thing remains a mysterious part of Nintendo history.

Are you still mourning the loss of the game you never played? We’re here for you.


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