Luigi’s Mansion 3 Boss Battles “More Exciting Than Dark Moon”

Garnering perhaps the most excitement of all of Nintendo’s E3 presentation was the highly anticipated Luigi’s Mansion 3. There’s been significant speculation around this future instalment perhaps becoming the best of the series, provided the rest of the game delivers the same as we’ve seen in the tidbits of footage and gameplay revealed here and there, and even the game’s producers are fairly confident that, yes, this will be the best Luigi’s Mansion yet—and for good reason.

Yoshihito Ikebata and Kensuke Tanabe recently spoke with Kotaku about the game, with Tanabe saying:

“To be completely honest, when I was playing Dark Moon, I told Ikebata-san that if it were me, I would remake a lot of the bosses. I really wanted a more exciting kind of boss battle when looking to create the new game. In creating this game, one of the first things I requested of [developer, Next Level Games] is to really bring the excitement when you’re fighting the boss battles.”

Ikebata’s thoughts were exactly in line, mentioning that “more than anything we really wanted to put those unique bosses in the second one and we couldn’t, so that’s why we’ve put them in the third one.”

Since consensus among Nintendo fans tends to be that Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon was an excellent gaming experience, the promise of more unique and exciting boss battles than in that 3DS offering is definitely something to look forward to.


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