GRIS Signature Edition for Switch Over $200USD

If you’re a huge fan of GRIS—or plan to be—you may be excited by this news. If you’re the in aforementioned category but aren’t super flush with cash, you may feel the opposite. We’re sorry?

Regardless, here’s the scoop: Special Reserve Games has revealed the physical editions of GRIS for the Switch, which will be sold on their website. The biggest bundle is the $249.99USD version, the Signature Edition, which includes: the game, iam8bit’s limited Deluxe Edition vinyl soundtrack, and an exclusive painting signed by Conrad Roset (the game’s creative director).

But don’t worry, there are three other versions you can get your hands on if you’re set on some special GRIS merch. The standalone game is $34.99USD, but the game and art book bundle is a smooth $79.99USD. Or, just grab the art book for $59.99USD. If you’re only interested in the soundtrack, that’s available for purchase elsewhere—on iam8bit’s website; the Open Edition is $34.99USD and Deluxe Edition with a 48-inch quad fold jacket runs $49.99USD.

Preorders for the bundles open today, but they’ll only stay open until July 17th, so don’t wait too long.


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