A New (Tetris) Challenger Approaches

And you thought the fight out there was getting dirty enough when it comes to battle royale gaming… but we haven’t seen anything yet. Or maybe we have? Not exactly like this, though.

Tetris 99, Nintendo Switch Online’s breakout app, is set to go head-to-head with a rival Tetris battle royale game. Read that again. We’re about to have not only one Tetris battle royale game in the market, but two. Two!

In the spirit of continuing to sell millennials’ childhoods back to them (not that we’re complaining), Tetris Royale is a mobile title created in partnership between N3twork and The Tetris Company. With no footage or screenshots yet released, we’re not really sure how it’ll play out, but the sound of the game seems to stack up more or less the same as the Switch game—but this time with 100 players, not 99.

The real question now is, will having a mobile battle royale Tetris title pull players away from Nintendo Switch Online? Sales of the subscription service skyrocketed when Nintendo released their offering, so could the immediacy and convenience of a mobile version change the playing field?

Tetris Royale will be arriving on Android and iPhone. This is apparently the first title in an ongoing partnership between these two companies, with intention of releasing additional games over the next few years.


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