Nintendo Switch Lite Revealed for September Launch

Turns out all that speculation was right… it’s actually happening! The Nintendo Switch Lite was revealed today, a new version of the original Switch console dedicated to handheld gaming.

Rumors have abounded for years that this would be the route Nintendo would take for its consoles—typically referred to online as a “Switch Mini”—and now we know the Switch Lite will hit shelves on September 20th for $100 less than the full console version. It’ll be $199.99 and come in three different colors: grey, turquoise, and yellow. Or you could go extra fancy and pick up the special Pokemon edition! A screen protector and carrying case set will also release at this time.

The Switch Lite is smaller than the standard Switch and has integrated controls, no kickstand, and no video-to-TV output (so no HDMI cable or dock). It’ll be able to play all Switch games with handheld support, but according to Nintendo some games “will have restrictions.”

The really exciting part is that Joy-Con controllers can be wirelessly connected to the device, so you’re not limited to single-player only titles. Look out for more information in the weeks ahead!


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