Physical Switch Edition of Teslagrad in September

While the release has been common knowledge for a while, there hasn’t been a release date for the physical copy of Teslagrad until now—it’s hitting store shelves on September 27th! Not much longer to wait now.

Pre-orders for the standard release are already available on Limited Run’s website from now until August 7, but be aware that this isn’t only available on the site—the regular physical boxed copy will be on sale at other retailers, wherever your favorite games are sold. Limited Run is known for its numbered collection, but Teslagrad won’t be a part of it.

That said, there will also be a Value Pack release “for the true Teslagrad fans” (according to publisher Soedesco). Though pricing information isn’t yet available, here’s what you’ll get:

  • The base game Teslagrad for either Nintendo Switch or PlayStation Vita, with exclusive cover art
  • A superior quality tin case, coloured red for Nintendo Switch and blue for PS Vita
  • A physical art book with hand-drawn art from the game, including new concept art
  • An instruction card with helpful pointers on how to play the game
  • An iconic pin depicting the main character Teslakid
  • A unique keychain with the Teslagrad symbol

Teslagrad was well received by gamers and critics alike on its release.


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