Kickstarter for Journey-esque Offering on Switch

Journey was one of those PlayStation exclusives that everyone talked about, everyone knows about, but which has never really seen a successor manage to capture a similar experience in the years following its release. With the slow burn success of that title, it seems natural to assume that others would try to follow in its footsteps, but few have really been able to make a solid go without the concept coming off as forced and derivative.

Solo developer Benjamin Gregg is looking to change that. With 18 months (so far) of development for a new title, Kumo is about to get a Kickstarter to help launch it onto the Switch.

An atmospheric story with beautiful artwork, Kumo is the tale of a young boy looking for a second chance at life. You’ll play as Kumo, trapped in Limbo and working to find his way back home as he also searches for his parents. Puzzles and secrets abound.

Influences on this title are, naturally, Journey—but we’re also seeing some RiME here as well. July 31st is the launch date for the Kickstarter, so set a reminder if you’d like to back this project. In the meantime, you can check out the game on Steam.


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