Shovel Knight Board Game Kickstarter Back On

It’s back, Shovel Knight fans! The board game Kickstarter campaign has been relaunched by Panda Cult Games , the team behind the analog edition of the famed character’s digital campaigns.

When first launched in July, the feedback from potential backers was swift and critical of the pricing model set out in the campaign, so in true GG fashion, the team pulled their Kickstarter down and revamped the setup. Now the campaign has returned with a new lower-cost tier that should assist even more fans in being able to afford this board game edition.

There are currently 24 days left in the campaign, and the backing funds sit around $34,000 of $70,000. To support the game, head over here. The game is for 1-4 players and is described as a “competitive dungeon side-scroller.”


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