Adventures of Pip (Wii U) Coming to Switch

Back in 2015, we posted at length about the Wii U title Adventures of Pip—and like many Wii U indie games, we assumed it had enjoyed its place in the sun and quietly disappeared along with many other indie exclusives to that particular console.

Not so this time! The game is set to be revived on Switch in September, with improvements over the original edition including new features and optimizations. Here’s the official rundown:

“Journey with Pip as he sets out to save Princess Adeline from the Evil Queen DeRezzia. Pip’s quest begins when he learns he can absorb the ‘Bitstream’ from his fallen foes to evolve —or devolve— back and forth between 3 different forms. Each evolution provides different powers that Pip can use to solve environmental puzzles and blast through enemies. Pip’s tale leads players through five different stylized worlds with up to 10 hours of epic adventuring gameplay!

Can you help Pip save Pixelonia from the clutches of the evil queen DeRezzia?”

This retro-inspired platformer sets you in the role of prophesized hero Pip, whose three different forms are 1-, 8-, and 16-bit versions of himself. Each form will be ideal for defeating a particular enemy type—and you’ll be able to puzzle it out on September 10th for $9.99 USD.


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