Dogs + Gaming = “Dog-Sledding Survival Game” The Red Lantern

On October 22nd, you’ll finally be able to combine your love of dogs and gaming again, with The Red Lantern from Timberline Studio. This is billed as a “dog sledding narrative survival game,” which actually means it’s resource management for you and your team of sled dogs.

Players will need to survive in the frozen Alaskan wilderness and find their way home—avoiding bears, caring for your canine sledding team, and making the journey your own.

Here’s a list of what to expect:

– Survive the Alaskan wilderness in this dog sledding, story-driven, rogue-lite game
– Choose how you want to interact with the world, do you tackle it head on hunting everything that moves, or do you take a more cautious approach?
– Discover the hundreds of unique encounters as you and your dogs explore the world and try to find your way home.
– Adopt your 4 favorite pups to complete your dog sledding team.

The game will arrive on the eShop for $24.99USD. Check out the trailer below!


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