Handmade Nintendo Fashion for the Well-Dressed Gamer

It’s okay, you can admit it—even gamers like to look fancy from time to time. The difference between “gamer fancy” and “the rest of the world fancy” is fairly important, though—gamers like to take the things they love and show them off to the world as a point of pride.

Heartless beanie? No problem! Red overalls with a giant M in the middle? Why not! A shiny tiara to sit atop your perfectly coiffed blond hair? How could you even think of wearing anything else!

Now, if you’re not among the privileged—by which we mean, “those who are flush with cash and time and already have a splendiferous collection of Geekish Apparel”—never fear! Nintendo Fire has rounded up a few of the fantastic and (relatively) affordable items available online today.

And even better? All of the selections are handmade items, lovingly crafted by independent designers… which means you can know you’re wearing something made with care by a fellow gaming fan who loves Italian plumbers and Japanese ingenuity just as much as you do.


Super Gamer Fashion Item #1: Piranha Plant Scarf

You’ll never fear underground parking garages or fields full of mushrooms again while wearing this stylish, warm piranha plant scarf! While it may not shoot fireballs or lunge at passersby, at least it’ll keep you warm and ensure you’re the envy of all your friends while waiting in the cold at the next game release line-up.

piranha scarf


Super Gamer Fashion Item #2: Zelda Triforce Earrings

This one’s for the ladies… or the secure and fashionable man. These adorable little triforce earrings are made out of polymer clay and are perfect for both daytime and evening wear (uh, I’m just guessing here—I tend to wear jeans and a t-shirt no matter what time of day it is, so maybe I’m not the best judge…). Either way, they’re super cute and the perfect affordable gift for any Nintendo fan!

triforce earrings


Super Gamer Fashion Item #3: Canvas Nintendo NES Shoes

Yeah, that’s right. You’ve found them: Your new favourite pair of shoes. Fully customizable, these canvas shoes are the epitome of Nintendo geek fashion and look darn comfy to boot (to boot! get it? …er…). It looks like the seller would be willing to put just about any of your favourite aspect of Nintendo culture on a pair of shoes for you, and who doesn’t want a pair of shoes that announces their love of vintage and/or modern gaming technology?

canvas NES shoes


Super Gamer Fashion Item #4: Mega Man Cufflinks

Ah, you handsome devil, you. What kind of gentleman would even think about leaving the house without wearing his favourite suit? But until today, that suit has been, well… amateur. You want to feel truly comfortable in that suit? Jazz things up with some Mega Man cufflinks! Real men know how to rock the classics.

mega man cufflinks

Super Gamer Fashion Item #5: Yoshi Dog Costume

Oh, you didn’t think you could get away with buying geeky fashions just for yourself, did you? What about your poor little pooch—think about how much he loves your WiiMotes! Picking them up, chewing on them, leaving little pools of slobber between the buttons… if anyone loves Nintendo as much as you do, it’s got to be your dear doggy. Let him show off his geek pride to the other kids at the park in this suave and snappy dog suit!

yoshi dog costume


Of course, this is just a small sampling of the kinds of unique and interesting items available from independent sellers online today, but at the very least, it’s a starting point for you to work from the next time you (or your dog) is putting together that perfect outfit for an upcoming gaming con (or other chosen form of social interaction).


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