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By Faith, August 19, 2015 0 Gamer Life, Zelda

Awwww… look at what we have here! Last year, Good Smile Company released a too-cute figurine of a snoozing Link, but this time, they’re going with a Link that isn’t exactly on his way to save Hyrule. Rather, he resembles… Read More »

By Dave, June 2, 2015 0 Events, Gamer Life

This past weekend saw the return of the Nintendo World Championship Qualifiers, as players battled it out for a spot in the Finals held at E3 later this month. Nintendo of America has gone ahead and used its new little… Read More »

By Faith, May 20, 2015 0 Amiibo, Gamer Life

Take down the shelves. Stop tossing your amiibo into a basket. It’s time to reclaim the area around your TV and display your amiibo in the way they were intended to be displayed: Perched on another massive piece of plastic…. Read More »

By Faith, May 8, 2015 0 Gamer Life, News

Excuse us while we hyperventilate over here for a little bit… … … Okay, we’ll try to get through this. Yes, it’s true. Nintendo and Universal Parks & Resorts have announced a partnership that will bring attractions based around Nintendo’s… Read More »

By Faith, April 29, 2015 0 Gamer Life

Plushies, plushies, and more plushies! Everybody likes plushies! Especially when they’re as awesome as what you see here—a triumphant trio of retro-style plushies, made by Jakks Pacific for the ubiquitous line of World of Nintendo toys. It’s Mario, Luigi, and… Read More »

By Faith, June 25, 2012 0 Gamer Life

It’s okay, you can admit it—even gamers like to look fancy from time to time. The difference between “gamer fancy” and “the rest of the world fancy” is fairly important, though—gamers like to take the things they love and show… Read More »

By Dave, May 29, 2012 0 Gamer Life, News

Some of us think we’re the Big Cheese if we make it to the last level in Tetris. Others actually make a living – and set incredible world records – by playing old-school games in the public eye. Dr. Hank… Read More »