PAX South: Second Impressions—Sportsball (Wii U)

On the very last day of PAX Prime 2014, our team went to an indie showcase and got to play a game called Sportsball. You may remember our coverage, where we were very impressed by the game even though it was as of yet unfinished.

The game returned for PAX South, and it played a heck of a lot smoother than it did the first time around! Too DX’s 4-player battle brawler features birds and balls. And that’s about it. Here’s how it works: Your teams can be divided up however you like; this time around I was on a 2-vs-2 game. When the game starts, players must work together to shoot a ball into a net, all the while also trying to hit their opponents either with the ball or by landing on their heads.

Controls seemed much more intuitive this time around. The different birds available to choose from have different specialities and are more / less manoeuvrable, depending on species. I chose the hummingbird, which was extremely fast but much more difficult to control than some of the others.

The gameplay itself is fast, frantic, and a lot of fun. There was only the one mode playable at PAX South, but the game is already available on the Wii U right now, so it was good to see that there have been considerable improvements—and that I’d be willing to shell out for it at this stage. Previously, I’d found it hard to keep track of what was happening on-screen, but had no difficulties with this play-through.

Overall, Sportsball is a lot of fun, and makes a great addition to your repertoire of couch multiplayer choices.


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