PAX Prime: First Impressions – Sportsball (Wii U)

One thing the NintendoFire team loves about PAX Prime is all the space it dedicates to Indies. It’s great to interact with the teams behind these games and learn more about their passion for their work, and it comes through clearly when you’re handed that controller and they watch you play through something they’ve worked so hard on.

Our team had the distinct pleasure of previewing the game Sportsball, an incredibly fun and frantic multiplayer couch game that’s coming exclusively to the Wii U. Yes, that’s right. A Wii U indie exclusive! We were exciting to hear it, too.

Sportsball is bizarre but wonderful. You and a friend sit down and you’re on the screen on a giant bird mouth. Your goal? Get the ball into the net. Where do the balls come from? Why, charging your foes, of course.

Each bird in the game has different stats, so you choose and play based on your strengths and preferences. These come in the form of different lances, flight speed, and squishiness, as you’d expect.

Our game was a little bit nuts, and it took a few minutes to get a handle on what was going on. The controls weren’t intuitive right out of the box, but we were playing an unfinished version and it was at the end of the weekend—so understandably we were a little tired, so it might actually have been easier to get a handle on than we experienced.

That said, after a few rounds we got into the groove of things, and learned that the finished game will have Gamepad controls implemented. Exciting!

If you’ve ever dreamed of playing on a sports team whilst riding a giant, flying bird, Sportsball will make your dreams come true. We’ll be on the lookout for the finished version of this one!


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