The Only Way to Display amiibo

Take down the shelves. Stop tossing your amiibo into a basket. It’s time to reclaim the area around your TV and display your amiibo in the way they were intended to be displayed: Perched on another massive piece of plastic.

Wait, wait! Listen, do you want to have them on the shelf next to that expensive knick-knack, or do you want the world to see them in their fullest glory? That’s what we thought, and that’s why we present to you the: Power A End Level Display.


This glorious plastic display piece is a replica of the ubiquitous flag jump moment from Super Mario Bros., and has space for seven (if you place one at the bottom of the pole) amiibo figures. The stand does come with an official Nintendo license—it’s a licensed product, folks—and according to the listing measures 15in x 18in. You can pre-order one now for $29.99 and it’ll be released on August 3rd.

Here’s the Amazon link, friends: Power A End Level Display ( )

Go ye forth and plan out your glorious amiibo home, friends.


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