Adorable Link Figure is Adorable

Awwww… look at what we have here! Last year, Good Smile Company released a too-cute figurine of a snoozing Link, but this time, they’re going with a Link that isn’t exactly on his way to save Hyrule. Rather, he resembles his avatar in Majora’s Mask, and comes with Deku, Zora, and Goron masks!

Link’s fairy friend Tatl also poses on a stand of its own, staring at Link as he gulps down another red potion… again. And if that wasn’t enough, you can even pose little Link in Majora’s Mask itself… but do so at your own risk. *cue dramatic music*

Click through the pre-order link below to see all the other accessories Link can be posed with!

You can pre-order the figure at Good Smile Company’s website ( ) for about $36USD.

aug 19 adorable link figure 1

aug 19 adorable link figure2

aug 19 adorable link figure 3


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