Panels of Interest (Friday)

Nintendo is back and the crowds are going wild! More or less, anyway. Unlike in recent years, it looks like we’ll have a nice selection of Nintendo-themed panels to choose from at PAX West 2017, so as the weekend rolls on, each morning we’ll be highlighting some Nintendo-themed panels on the schedule that we think will be of specific interest to our readership.

We may choose to mention them here based on these criteria: Content, presenters, or general thematic ties with Nintendo as a brand.

Please remember that all panels highlighted in these daily posts are entirely subjective, and we encourage you to flip through the program on your own! However, maybe us pointing certain things out here will help to narrow down your choices or highlight panels and events that you might otherwise not have noticed.


Smash Bros: How to Smash the Competition

FRI 09/01 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM WYVERN THEATRE

Are you a Super Smash Bros. player looking to learn about the tournament scene and how to improve? Follow our panelists through discussion and demonstration of various gameplay techniques/strategies, both basic and advanced, that are useful at all levels of play.  You will even have a chance to play in Smash with us during the panel! Be sure to join us as we settle it in Smash!  Pro commentator and spectator “D1” will give commentary for live matches! (PANELISTS: Nicholas Peter Oehlberg [Co-Founder, Hillcrest Switch & Play], JM Evosevich)


Omegathon Round 2: Mario Kart 8

FRI 09/01 6:00 PM – 7:00 PMWYVERN THEATRE

Have you ever played Mario Kart? Have you ever played Mario Kart … ON A NINTENDO SWITCH?

It’s crazy, man! There’s better graphics and it’s portable and stuff happens and it’s just crazy alright?

We will begin with 16 Omeganauts but once the Kart fumes and burnt rubber have cleared, we will be left with only 12. Come cheer them along to their doom, won’t you?


Have fun out there today! Happy PAX-ing!


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